Fotó: Csóka Gy.

In 2020, Dr. István Nagy, Hungarian Minister of Agriculture, on the occasion of World Forestry Day on March 21, awarded the Pro Silva Hungariae Award to forest engineer Ulrich Mergner, head of the Forestry Unit Ebrach of the Bavarian State Forestry, for his activities for the development of Hungarian forestry.

Publications (Foto: P. Csépányi)

At the beginning of June, a Guide describing the methodology for the introduction of continuous cover forestry and the preparation of their management plan was published on the website of the Forestry Department of the National Land Centre. The contents of the Guide are well supplemented and supported by the 2019 publication of the Pro Silva Switzerland (Hatt., S.: “Checkkarten Dauerwald”).

2020. 04. 09.

Decree designating the framework for continuous cover forestry ("Dauerwaldwirtschaft") sylvicultural regime has been issued by the ministry in recent days. As these provisions can be divided into two groups - professional and procedural rules, they appeared as amendments to two previous regulations. In its press release, the Ministry of Agriculture emphasized that in the fight against climate change, in addition to afforestation, the preservation and quality maintenance of existing forest areas is a key aspect.